CASE STUDIES:    Career: Biostatistical Engineer      Native language: Mandarin Chinese
My performance appraisal had consistently indicated the need for improved communication skills... After the training, I was able to self-correct mispronunciations... and my speech improvements have enabled successful working relationships with other business groups.
CASE STUDIES:    Career: Manager of Diversity Initiatives      Native language: Involved with many
The training brought the previously 'undiscussable' issue of communication challenges into the discussion for both leaders and non-native English speakers.
It allowed people to realize pronunciation issues were often communication issues... The training helped GM be more effective and efficient.
CASE STUDIES:    Career: Speech Pathologist      Native language: English
Accent reduction is not therapy... much more comprehensive, a global approach... pronunciation training has impacted the lives of our
participants in a meaningful way... they have so much more confidence.
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