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Accents International provides assessments to evaluate an individual's level of American English pronunciation proficiency.

Accents International assessments include:

  • A 45 minute interview with a senior Accents International faculty member. Interviews are provided either on-site or via teleconferencing.
  • A phonologically balanced oral assessment to determine level of pronunciation proficiency.
  • A comprehensive report indicating assessment results with regard to vowels, consonants, rate of speech, voice projection, intonation, and patterns of rhythm and stress.
  • A customized Roadmap for independent study.
  • A copy of "American Pronunciation: Core Techniques for Success" complete learning system: workbook, audio CD and DVD.

Contact info@lessaccent.com to schedule an assessment.

Case Study

Industry: Global Food Manufacturing

People often asked me to repeat myself on the phone. I realized ARI's program was a perfect blend with the instructor, online classroom, and learning materials. This program is different because it emphasizes practicality and teaches you to use your skills right away.

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