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Technology Platform

Accents International leverages best-in-class learning infrastructures to support our best-in-class pronunciation methodology.

Using Accents International's virtual classrooms, participants see, hear, and share documents all over the world... in real-time. Accents International's global classrooms accommodate private and/or group instruction; in-house IT specialists provide support to all distance-learning participants. This distance learning format gives Accents International the ability to scale its programs to meet an organization's training needs.

Accent Reduction and Comprehension Technology Platform

Case Study

Industry: Global Software Solutions

I could communicate before, but this program took my English to the next level. I'm more confident... I no longer hold back, and speaking comes more naturally.

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From Our Clients

"I was hesitant in the beginning about using a distance learning format, but it turned out to be great and extremely effective."

- Participant from a Global Manufacturing Company

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