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An investment in improving your communication skills can have a lasting positive impact on your life and career. After completing accent reduction programs, our students have reported increased growth opportunities and improved relationships, both at work and in the world.

We design our curriculum so that students see real improvement and are encouraged to keep working. Furthermore, when you participate in a program at Accents International you will have the opportunity to form lasting, supportive relationships with your instructors and fellow students. With such a support network, the learning process can continue even after the course is over.

The goal of Accents International's accent reduction curriculum is not to teach a “correct” way of speaking — we strongly believe there are no right or wrong accents. Instead, we help our students learn a new set of speech patterns and communication tools.

Accents International understands the value of maintaining your unique cultural identity. We believe that heritage can become an even more powerful asset after gaining new skills to handle the communication demands of your life.

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"I have surely come a long way since start of the program. There is still some road remaining to be traveled, but I believe I have all the tools necessary to make further progress. Also, I would highly appreciate your guidance and suggestions that will help me make further progress."

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