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Building Bridges

Building Bridges - Tuning Your Ear to Accents helps all members of an organization bridge the language divide. As a result, organizations are better positioned to increase their competitive advantage.

Our comprehensive, interactive seminar provides answers to the following questions:

  • What causes language barriers? What is an accent?
  • Why is English pronunciation difficult for non-native English speakers?
  • How can I avoid and repair communication breakdowns in my workplace?
  • How can I "tune my ear" to understand the accents of my clients and colleagues?
  • How can I accurately pronounce non-English names?
  • What should I do if I don't understand a non-native English speaker in conversation?
  • How can I create stress-free communication in my workplace?

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Case Study

Company: General Motors

Title: Manager of Diversity Initiatives

The training brought the previously 'undiscussable' issue of communication challenges into the discussion for both leaders and non-native English speakers and allowed people to realize pronunciation issues were often communication issues... The training helped GM be more effective and efficient.

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From Our Clients

"I undergo a lot of technical trainings as part of my professional development. In most cases, I end up not using those skills at work and forget those in a month's time. But this language training is a life skill that is going to be useful for the rest of my life. I wish I had taken this course earlier."

- Participant from a Top 5 Consulting Firm

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