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Client Loyalty

It is 10 times more expensive to bring on new clients than to retain existing clients.1

Your organization's long-term growth depends on your ability to retain existing customers. Since trust and transparency are key factors in developing and maintaining customer loyalty, communication breakdowns can be particularly damaging to client relationships. Without a strong level of mutual comprehension, clients may begin to lose confidence in your ability to serve them adequately.

Accents International's accent comprehension and accent reduction programs give your employees the flexibility required to keep all lines of communication open and effective. This will help them convey their professional expertise and effectively communicate the unique value your business provides.

1 (PDF, 625k)

From Our Clients

"This training was not only for improving my accent and making it understandable for others, but it was to eliminate/minimize the inferiority complex I had, before this course.

I must appreciate that you are extremely knowledgeable on the subject (I remember you demonstrating different accents and I could hear the difference and the way I was sounding before). I must also say that you are a thorough professional, even after the long duration of the course you kept us motivated all the time and managed the session timings impeccably and gave equal opportunity to all of us.

Thanks once again for everything."

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