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When employees are unable to convey knowledge, contribute ideas, ask questions, or give feedback because of communication issues, the flow of information stops and productivity suffers.

Accent reduction drastically reduces the number and frequency of critical speech errors, while accent comprehension mitigates the effect speech errors have on communication.

  • Due to critical speech errors, typical participants entering Accents International's training programs need to repeat themselves 15-20 times per workday. This repetition wastes a significant amount of time and money.
  • Using Accents International's MEP methodology, the average graduate sees more than a 70% reduction in critical speech errors.
  • Accent reduction and comprehension also generate productivity improvements of 1% or more per year.

From Our Clients

"This training was not only for improving my accent and making it understandable for others, but it was to eliminate/minimize the inferiority complex I had, before this course.

I must appreciate that you are extremely knowledgeable on the subject (I remember you demonstrating different accents and I could hear the difference and the way I was sounding before). I must also say that you are a thorough professional, even after the long duration of the course you kept us motivated all the time and managed the session timings impeccably and gave equal opportunity to all of us.

Thanks once again for everything."

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