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Unfortunately, according to a 2010 University of Chicago study1, moderate to heavily accented speech was deemed less believable than native accented speech.

Trust is an important part of all relationships, and effective communication is the foundation for building trust and strong teams. This new study shows that, sadly, accent barriers can lead to a breakdown in trust between coworkers and clients.

Embracing an ARI accent reduction and/or accent comprehension program demonstrates your willingness to overcome the accent barrier. Creating ease of conversation gives you the ability to partner with colleagues and form long lasting client relationships. Communicate your trust and understanding.

1 Shiri, Lev-Air & Keysar, Boaz. (2010) Why don't we believe non-native speakers? The influence of accent on credibility. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 46. 1093-1095.

From Our Clients

"I used to dread talking on the phone. I was always trying to find ways to write; if I write then the person can read it. Talking on the phone was so awful, but now I have a telephone conversation and nobody asks me to repeat myself. It's really exciting!"

- Yasmin Zakari, ARI Participant and ESL Student

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