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Accent Reduction and the Global Workforce: 2018

It goes without saying that effective communication is a key determinant of an organization’s success. According to Harvard Business School professor Dr. Tsedal Neeley and author of The Language of Global Success, the only way to share knowledge, leverage talent, and glean marketing insights from around the world is to have all employees at all levels engage with one another. Without a common language, any language, collaboration with colleagues and clients is virtually impossible. Read more about accent reduction and the 2018 global workforce.

How Accent Reduction Classes Work

Accent reduction classes teach second language learners how to pronounce the sounds in English that don’t exist in their first language. For adult learners, there are two critical components to speeding up this process. Read more about how accent reduction classes work.

The Benefits of Accent Reduction Classes

English pronunciation can seem mindboggling. Scratching below the surface, however, we’ll find it’s based on a system of standardized rules and patterns. The English accent is methodical. With instruction and a little bit of practice, people from every language background acquire the fundamental articulation techniques needed for effective speech in a relatively short amount of time. It’s legitimate to question the financial pay-offs of an accent reduction program. After all, while maybe not a huge investment, at least some cost is involved. Read more about the benefits of accent reduction classes.

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