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Case Study: Global Software Solutions

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My company offers software solutions throughout the world, and I feel like I used to stand out because of my poor pronunciation.

I began doing a distance learning program with Accents International and believe this was a very effective way to learn. In fact, it was the missing piece to my training. I found myself preparing more for online training than in-person training. My instructor kept it fun and interesting while adjusting to me needs. She addressed each of my individual vocabulary words every week and encouraged me to practice. She also helped me to speak more slowly, which is very important for me. This allows me to pronounce each sound in every word. Also, the book and CD are great tools for helping me continue to practice on my own and take responsibility for my own learning.

I could communicate before, but this program took my English to the next level. I'm more confident, and that makes a HUGE difference. I no longer hold back, and speaking comes more naturally. The program also allowed me to open up to a different perspective on language. English used to just be something that I had to learn. But now I think it is a beautiful language. I like discovering its nuances. This course woke me up to having an interest in English, not just because I have to use it, but because now I love it. I feel totally different now.

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