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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does accent reduction really work?

Yes. Learners will quickly, decisively, and permanently change the muscle memory of their speech apparatus.

In doing so, our clients master English sounds that had previously been difficult to pronounce.

How can accent reduction classes maintain my cultural identity?

Powerful Pronunciation® is not an accent elimination program. We are averse to that. We believe accents should be embraced. This program teaches people how to pronounce the sounds in English that don’t occur in their native language. People will still have an accent; they won’t have a language barrier.

What is the difference between accent reduction, accent modification, and accent neutralization?

These three terms are used interchangeably. They share a common objective: to learn articulation techniques that are the foundation of English pronunciation.

How long does it take to get results?

Improvement is noticeable in just two, hourly sessions. With 15 minutes of practice five days a week, learners typically make >70% improvement after 12 sessions.

Why is accent reduction left out of standard ESL programs?

Accent reduction is rooted in applied linguistics and speech pathology, not in foreign language instruction.

What will I learn in accent reduction classes?

Pronunciation training includes standard American English vowels and consonants, as well as the patterns of rhythm, stress, and intonation that are used in everyday speech.

I've been in the U.S. a long time. Why is English pronunciation still difficult?

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of English pronunciation is that words aren't pronounced the way they're spelled. In fact, there isn't one letter in the English alphabet that's always pronounced the same way.

For instance, although there are only five vowels (or six, if you include 'y') in the English alphabet, there are twenty-one vowel sounds in spoken English. This is one reason why, even after many years of living in the U.S., people still struggle with English pronunciation.

Another reason is that adult speakers need to learn how to use speech muscles in new ways. At first, this may feel unnatural and strange. They're often very different from the way speech muscles are used when speaking in one's native language. However, learning pronunciation is a universal process. Everyone can produce every sound in every language.

Do you teach American English pronunciation or British English pronunciation?

We teach Standard American English (SAE) pronunciation.

Where do accent reduction classes take place?

In our online, distance learning classrooms using Accents International's live, two-way video/web conferencing.

How will accent reduction help my organization?

Accent reduction classes create clear communication. This:

  • Improves talent engagement
  • Increases productivity
  • Enhances the client experience
  • Removes communication barriers and miscommunications
  • Facilitates effective teamwork
  • Creates inclusive environments
  • Promotes minority leadership
  • Raises employee confidence

Can I get a customized program?

  • Yes. You’ll receive customized curricula to fit your organization's needs.
  • Programs are scalable to meet national and/or global initiatives.

How can I ensure I’ll get an exceptional instructor?

Every Accents International Instructor:

  • Has taught accent reduction at the university level
  • Speaks more than one language. They understand, first-hand, the speech and language acquisition process.
  • Are certified in the Ravin Method® of rapid language acquisition
  • Have the most comprehensive training available for effective teaching of accent reduction techniques. Our faculty is consistently assessed by the metrics of improvement made by their program participants.
  • Are committed to diversity and inclusion. They not only understand global perspectives and cultural norms, they value them.

How do I talk about accent reduction with my employees?

Talking about English pronunciation training with a valued team member may feel awkward. We’ve created this tip sheet to help you have the conversation easily and productively. You and your employees will feel empowered.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Talking about Accent Reduction with a Valued Team Member


Who benefits from an accent comprehension workshop?

Everyone. When an organization provides English accent training and accent comprehension training, the entire organization benefits: non-native English speakers, their team members, and an organization's clients and customers. People from different cultural backgrounds provide new vantage points for innovation and problem solving. Contributions are made when messages are understood.

What’s Inclusive Listening: Tuning Your Ear to Accents® all about?

Inclusive Listening: Tuning Your Ear to Accents® is an onsite workshop that focuses on the listening side of communication. People learn to:

  • Systematically, and rapidly, ‘tune their ear’ to global accents
  • Listen better so others speak more
  • Pronounce non-English names with precision, the first time

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