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Accent Reduction Classes

Clear speech is essential for success in today's global workforce. Communication and language barriers often block people from reaching their personal and professional goals and companies from reaching their productivity, leadership, and client objectives.

Our customized accent reduction programs help your diverse workforce speak English with clarity and precision. Each program is tailored to your organization's specific needs and has a proven track record of helping people minimize communication barriers while maintaining their unique cultural identity.

Accent Reduction, also known as Accent Modification

Powerful Pronunciation®

Accents International is dedicated to creating a world where everyone is heard®. Accents International's Powerful Pronunciation® program enables non-native English speakers to convey their expertise with clarity, confidence, and ease. Participants acquire the sounds in English that do not occur in other languages, while maintaining each person’s unique cultural identity. Powerful Pronunciation® is not an ESL program; it's for professionals in a global workforce who wish to take their pronunciation to the next level. Programs are customized to the specific needs of the participants. They receive personalized instruction and continuous guided feedback.

Program Structure and Duration:

  • Private or small group accent reduction courses
  • Initial and Final Assessments
  • Individual learning plans
  • Final Report with progress metric
  • 12 hours of instruction
  • Customized practice guides to reinforce the learning objectives
  • Online proprietary learning library hosted in the Cloud
  • Available as a distance learning program using Accents International's virtual classrooms. See, hear, and share documents all over the world in real-time.
  • Accents International program managers handle all logistics; includes scheduling and continuing education credits.


  • Noticeable speech improvement after just two, sixty-minute sessions
  • Average rate of improvement of 70%
  • Experience a surge of confidence when speaking with colleagues and clients
  • Take a more active part in discussions
  • Ability to self-correct
  • Receive fewer requests to repeat oneself
  • Positively impact team collaboration, effectiveness, and productivity

Our Powerful Pronunciation® programs are highly-rated (4.9 / 5), based on feedback from over 2000 participants in our programs (see a short list of our testimonials).

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Accent Modification for Health Systems

Improving the Patient Experience

Since 2006, Accents International has been partnering with hospitals and medical schools to transform the patient experience and create cultures of inclusion. Accents International's accent modification classes maintain each persons' unique cultural identity while creating high performance environments that improve the delivery of healthcare.

U.S. Healthcare 2019. International medical graduates, or IMGs, comprise nearly 30 percent of all primary care doctors in the United States. Across the country, 20.8 million people live in areas where foreign-trained doctors account for at least half of all doctors. In addition, of the approximately 80,000 physicians who teach at medical schools, more than 18 percent are IMGs. Along with U.S. trained healthcare providers, our IMG's provide essential and second-to-none patient care.

Powerful Pronunciation® for International Medical Graduates. While the diverse accents of medical providers and medical school faculty add richness to our organizations, the complexities of English pronunciation can impede clear and effective communication. The Powerful Pronunciation® program for International Medical Graduates teaches clinicians and faculty how to pronounce the sounds in English that do not exist in other languages. Powerful Pronunciation® for healthcare is not an ESL program; it's for healthcare professionals who wish to take their pronunciation to the next level.

Program Results. Healthcare providers and medical school faculty consistently:

  • Receive fewer requests to repeat themselves

  • Demonstrate higher levels of engagement

  • Collaborate with colleagues and staff with greater efficacy

  • Improve patient rapport

  • Communicate with confidence and impact

  • Increase their Press Ganey HCAHPS patient survey scores

  • Receive higher scores on student evaluations

By communicating with clarity, foreign born physicians deliver outstanding patient care and faculty convey their expertise with ease.


“My colleagues are amazed by my pronunciation. They ask me what I did to ‘transform’ my communication.”
- Hospitalist at a 5-hospital regional healthcare system

“This course has been a breakthrough in my career development.”
- PhD Microbiologist, Fortune 500 medical device corporation

“Now my patients understand me, the first time.”
- Resident, Trinity Health St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

“I was listening to my Initial and Final Assessments. It’s like two different people speaking.”
- Research scientist and clinician, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Health Systems, Medical Schools, and Life Sciences Corporations Clients:

AbbVie, Ascension Healthcare, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HCA Healthcare, Infinity Primary Care, Mayo Clinic, Merck and Co., Novartis, PerkinElmer, Spectrum Health, Sound Physicians, Trinity Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and others.

To learn more, please contact Judy Ravin, President of Accents International.

Judy Ravin will present Powerful Pronunciation: Overcoming Communication Barriers and Improving Physician Engagement, at the Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference 2019.

Accent Reduction for University Faculty and Staff

Accents International provides professional development to faculty and graduate students at US accredited colleges and universities. These programs are designed for speech pathologists, linguists, university TESOL instructors, and TESOL graduate students.

Program Attendees Learn:

  • The essential cultural competencies for teaching pronunciation to professionals for whom English is a second language
  • Step-by-step techniques for teaching accent reduction:
    • 21 standard American English vowel sounds
    • 26 standard American English consonant sounds
    • 40+ patterns of rhythm, stress, and intonation
  • How to create assessments and interdisciplinary (customized) practice guides
  • A methodology for teaching effective self-study strategies for long-term skill acquisition and carryover
  • Answers to nearly every question non-native English speakers ask about American pronunciation

Judy Ravin

Professional development programs are conducted exclusively by Judy Ravin. Judy has worked with faculty and graduate students at:

  • The US Foreign Services Institute – School of Language Studies
  • State University of New York, Albany
  • Tennessee State University
  • Hawaii Pacific University

Ravin has also taught English pronunciation to international MBA students at the University of Michigan-Ross School of Business and Cornell University-Johnson School of Business, as well as students at the U.S. Defense Language Institute.

Judy's training programs are highly-rated (4.9 / 5), based on feedback from over 1000 participants in our programs (see a short list of our testimonials).

Continuing Education Credits

National Registry of CPE Sponsors

Our accent reduction programs are registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website:

Our customized English Pronunciation programs provide CPE credit in the field of Communication. Courses are designed to build pronunciation competency to positively impact confidence, job performance, and relationships with clients. Credit is available for individuals and groups.

We will also work with healthcare organizations to help them obtain CME credit for AMA licensed physicians.

Accent Reduction Training that Scales

Accents International scales to meet your training needs. Our learning platform uses state of the art technology that is both reliable and easy to use. There's nothing to download or license.

Training is conducted in groups of up to six participants, with an instructor providing guided feedback in real time. We've trained over 2000 corporate professionals with a progress metric of >70%.

We teach classes:

  • Globally
  • From 7am ET until 10pm ET
  • Using our "Brady Bunch" online platform. Learners and faculty see and hear one another as if they're at the same office.

Our Learning Platform: Perfect for Accent Reduction Classes

Accents International leverages best-in-class learning infrastructures to support our best-in-class pronunciation methodology.

Using Accents International's virtual classrooms, participants see, hear, and share documents all over the world... in real-time. Accents International's global classrooms accommodate private and/or group instruction; in-house IT specialists provide support to all distance learning participants. This distance learning format gives Accents International the ability to scale its accent modification programs to meet an organization's training needs.

Accent Reduction and Comprehension Technology Platform

See our distance learning platform in action

Customer Service

From NATO to Fortune 100 companies, Accents International has a proven track record of 100% client satisfaction.

Our leadership teams with you to provide a unique accent modification program that fits your company's needs. We hire the best - experienced language instructors and speech pathologists that have the aptitude to excel equally onsite or in our virtual classroom.

We ensure each student gets individualized feedback to allow for continued improvement. In addition, each client receives a dedicated program manager to work directly with them and handle all program logistics.

Free Accent Reduction Tips

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What you'll learn:

  • How to pronounce two of the most challenging American English sounds: 'th' and 'r'.
  • How to modify your rate of speech to improve the clarity of your message.
  • Why it's essential to pronounce the end of every word.
  • How syllable-stress can change the meaning of a word.
  • How to practice five minutes a day for optimal, and rapid, acquisition of new pronunciation skills.

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Accent Reduction Clients

Accents International has worked with companies of all sizes and across a wide variety of industries.

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Accent Comprehension: The Flip Side of Accent Reduction

Inclusive Listening: Tuning Your Ear to Accents® helps all members of an organization bridge the language divide.

When it comes to improving communication skills, diversity training often focuses on accent reduction for foreign nationals. But communication is a two-way street, and there are also tools to help English speakers create effective, two-way dialogue. When we provide accent reduction on one side of the yellow line, and accent comprehension on the other, the junctions become 'roadblock free'.

Accents International's training program minimizes the need to ask, "What? What did you say?" The fear of insulting someone or misunderstanding important information goes away. Communication in a multicultural environment becomes seamless and stress-free.

Inclusive Listening® is a 2 hour onsite, interactive workshop where participants learn to:

  • Systematically, and rapidly, 'tune their ear' to global accents
  • Listen better so others speak more
  • Minimize communication barriers while appreciating each person’s unique cultural identity
  • Use nine critical speaking techniques that create collaborative communication in multicultural forums
  • Pronounce non-English names with precision, the first time
  • Create stress-free communication in the workplace

Our Inclusive Listening® programs are highly-rated (4.9 / 5), based on feedback from over 2000 participants in our programs (see a short list of our testimonials).

Inclusive Listening® is used at NATO, "DiversityInc. Top 50" companies, and U.S. accredited universities.

Read an article on Inclusive Listening in AOL Daily Finance.

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Powerful Pronunciation®:
Accent Reduction Classes
Inclusive Listening:
Tuning Your Ear to Accents®

Case Study

Industry: Global Food Manufacturing

People often asked me to repeat myself on the phone. I realized ARI's program was a perfect blend with the instructor, online classroom, and learning materials. This program is different because it emphasizes practicality and teaches you to use your skills right away.

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From Our Clients

"It has been a pleasure for me as well to learn and improve a critical life skill. Along with the improvement already made through past 15 weeks, the course allowed me to learn the skills needed to keep developing the pronunciation for the rest of my life."

- Participant from a Global Professional Service Company
5 stars

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