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Accent Reduction Classes for Corporations

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You have the best talent in the world, but that’s not enough.

Your team needs to convey their expertise with clarity and impact. Overcome communication barriers by empowering them with accent reduction classes.


"I recently spoke with a former participant and marveled at how easily I understood her. I remember when it took me every ounce of my attention to interpret her. But the big gain has been for Juniper. The increased effectiveness of these engineers after a single round of training has unleashed their expertise, allowing us to put them into a variety of roles, including customer-facing. We can now match their technical expertise to the situation without having to consider a negative impact from pronunciation difficulties."

Director, Americas Systems Engineering Development at Juniper Networks


Accent reduction classes teach non-native English speakers how to pronounce the sounds in English that do not occur in other languages.

Our accent reduction program, Powerful Pronunciation®, includes:

  • Private or small group accent reduction training
  • Initial and Final Assessments
  • Individual learning plans
  • 10 hours of remote instruction
  • Accent modification curricula customized per organization and per learner
  • Final Reports show quantitative metrics
  • Site license to our online proprietary learning library
  • Program Managers who handle all logistics
  • CPE credits for qualifying financial services participants
  • The average participant sees >70% improvement after a 10-session accent reduction program.

* The figure above illustrates the improvement made by 600+ participants at a Fortune 100 company.

Share the excitement when your employees experience a surge of confidence.


“This is the best investment our firm has ever made to address the development needs in verbal communication.”

Manager, Audit, Big Four Accounting Firm

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