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Accent Reduction for Contact Centers

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Empower Your Contact Center Agents with Clear Speech.

Create an Outstanding Customer Experience.

Learn how accent reduction training enables agents to speak English with clarity, confidence, and impact. Judy Ravin, President of Accent International, shared her thought leadership at Customer Contact Week 2023 in Nashville. Hear Ravin’s insights on accent reduction as a workforce development tool.


“By investing in our employees' growth, we enhance our ability to deliver exceptional service and ensure our customers feel understood and valued.”

Vice President of Customer Experience, Trajector

How to Get There: Three Options

Option 1: Agent Training

With our Powerful Pronunciation® program, your agents will speak with clarity, accuracy, and impact. They’ll lower their Average Handling Time (AHT), increase call quality, expand customer loyalty, and experience a surge of confidence.

Powerful Pronunciation® includes:

  • Private or small group accent reduction training
  • Learning content that’s fully customized per company and per person
  • Initial and Final Assessments
  • 10 hours of remote, live instruction
  • Site license to Accents International’s proprietary online learning library, American Pronunciation: Core Techniques for Success
  • Program Managers who handle all logistics
  • Improvement metrics of greater than 70%

“Agent A: Average Handling Time (AHT) before English pronunciation training was 3.86. AHT dropped to 3.12 after training.”

AHT reduction following accent reduction training

“Agent B: Conversion from lead to new client increased from 1.17 average to 1.865 average post Powerful Pronunciation® training.”

New Claims Intake improvement following accent reduction training

Option 2: Online Learning Product

American Pronunciation: Core Techniques for Success is an interactive, audiovisual learning library that enables your agents to pronounce the sounds in English that do not occur in their first language. This comprehensive learning tool includes:

  • 47 videos that demonstrate the articulation techniques for every American English vowel and consonant sound
  • 300 videos of pronunciation techniques for the most commonly used words in English o 40 chapters of practice exercises
  • 19 chapters that provide instruction and practice for American speech patterns: rhythm, stress, and intonation
  • “My Library”; each agent has a personal library customizable to their language needs
  • An extensive glossary of American idioms
  • A “How to Practice” Section that provides “best practices” for long-term skill acquisition and carryover

Option 3: A Complete Accent Reduction Train-The-Trainer Program

Create Force Multipliers. Your trainers will learn everything needed to teach accent reduction to an unlimited number of agents. Learn how it works.


“This program goes beyond pronunciation training; it's about providing our employees with a lifelong skill and the ability to make a lasting impact."

Site Director, Philippines, GlobalTek BPO

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