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Train-the-Trainer for Contact Centers

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Train-the-Trainer: Accent Reduction

English pronunciation is hard. It gets in the way of clear communication. Don’t let this jeopardize exceptional customer service.

Contact center agents need tools to solve their customers’ problems. One of these tools is effective communication. Agents who speak clearly have higher call quality, lower average handling time, and increased employee satisfaction.

A Complete Accent Reduction Train-the-Trainer Program

Empower your agents with clear speech. Give them the clarity, confidence, and ease that’s needed to create outstanding customer experiences.

We’ll teach your trainers our methodology, and provide them with the most customized training materials available.

Your agents will transform their communication.

Contact Center Trainers Learn Step-by-Step Techniques for Teaching:

  • The 21 standard American English vowels
  • The 26 standard American English consonants
  • 43 American speech patterns: rhythm, stress, and intonation
  • Appropriate volume and rate of speech

Contact Center Trainers Receive:

  • Training courseware that’s customized specifically for the client. Training content is designed to include high-frequency vocabulary and terminology used on customer service calls.
  • Pre- and Post- Program Assessments that measure agent improvement

Contact Center Agents Receive:

  • A site license to Accents International’s online product, American Pronunciation: Core Techniques for Success, aka “AP Online”
  • Customized practice material based on their call scripts

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“Improving communication and pronunciation directly aligns with our overarching goal of providing customers with a lifetime experience…By investing in our employees' growth, we enhance our ability to deliver exceptional service and ensure our customers feel understood and valued.”

Ashish Marya, Vice President of Customer Experience, GlobalTek BPO


  • Working with us is easy
  • You’ll get the best Train-the-Trainers in the field
  • Your program will be fully customized to your company’s objectives and your agents’ needs