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Ravin Certified

All Accents International instructors are certified in the Ravin Method® of rapid and long term language acquisition.

The Ravin Method® teaches non-native English speakers the articulation techniques needed to pronounce sounds in English that do not occur in other languages. Learners are able to integrate articulation techniques they haven’t used since early childhood.

This methodology:

  • Teaches second-language speakers how to discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar sounds
  • Uses a kinesthetic, visual, and auditory approach to incorporate these speech patterns on a regular, or 'second nature' basis
  • Provides learning techniques to 'self-correct' during the learning process
  • Creates supportive and inclusive environments that elicit maximum student involvement in his/her language acquisition process

From Our Clients

"Now I can give my smartphone commands and it understands me the first time."

- An Outpatient Healthcare Services Provider for a Large Private Hospital

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